three paul vincze medallions

Paul Vincze in his studioPaul Vincze

Born in Hungary but later becoming a British citizen, Paul Vincze was one of the most original, influential and artisitic sculptor-medallists of the 20th Century, winning commissions to design commemmorative medallions and coinage for use the World over. Among his many notable subjects were Presidents Truman and Kennedy, Pope Paul Vl and Sir Winston Churchill, and in 1953 he was requested to design one of the official medals for the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth ll, Her Majesty sitting for him during several sessions.

During the course of his long and fascinating lifetime, many more historic events and famous characters were to be celebrated in medal form, including the successful Apollo ll landing on the moon in 1969, and the anniversaries of the births of William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Beethoven and Haydn.

In 1991 we were both honoured and delighted when he offered us the dies for his Signs of the Zodiac, Madonna, Saint Christopher and other medallions, which he had started to manufacture in the 1950's. We continue to produce these beautiful medallions, most of which bear Paul Vincze's signature, and are entirely faithful to his original style. Struck in various sizes as gold charms, pendants, or key chains, with selected lines also available in silver with an oxidised finish, the designs are classic and timeless in their appeal.

St Christopher and Madonna pendants